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Don’t Go Without Lights Again

No power? No problem.

With a whole house generator, power outages are no longer a concern. Unlike portable generators, a whole house generator is installed permanently on a concrete pad outside your home and can provide uninterrupted backup power for days. Columbus has a lot of concerns that can affect the power grid. With powerful storms, tornadoes, snow storms, hail, floods, high winds, and week power lines; you end up with a recipe for disaster. Don’t get caught in the dark anymore.

These solutions can power as much or as little of your home as you would like to be powered during an outage. We offer small, mid-sized and large generators, which work in the following ways:
  • A small generator delivers 7-10 kW and will be able to run a few basic household systems, but cannot sustain the needs of an entire home.
  • A mid-size generator delivers 12-20 kW and will effectively power a few rooms in your home.
  • A large generator delivers 22-45 KW and will be able to operate the entire home (depending on the size).