When you need emergency repairs for your gas, electric, or tankless water heater, call World Class Services’ 24/7 plumbers at 614-739-8670.

When you experience water heater problems, address them immediately by calling World Class Service for 24-hour emergency water heater repair in Westerville, OH. Water heater problems cause poor indoor water quality and icy cold showers, while a water tank leak may lead to severe structural damage. When you rely on outstanding heating, cooling, and plumbing by World Class Services, keeping up with home maintenance is a breeze!

Signs You Need a Water Heater Repair Technician

Water heaters don’t last forever. Knowing the signs of water heater failure helps you figure out when to make a maintenance call. Most water heaters last between eight and ten years. If you know the installation date of your water heater, consider that when seeking out emergency repairs—it may be time to replace it.

Slow or Poor Water Heating

If you notice water heating problems or your hot water runs out faster than usual, your water heater might need repairs. While our team at World Class Services offers emergency water heater repair in Westerville, OH, you may need to replace your water heater with a new, energy-efficient model. Our professional plumbers can guide you in choosing the right water heater for your home and installing it for you.

Contaminated Water

Water that looks cloudy, filled with particles, or has a color to it may have contamination from a rust-filled water heater tank. Some homeowners notice a metallic taste or odor from their water before seeing signs of a problem. In either case, this unhealthy water may make you sick, wear down your plumbing, or cause damage to your hair and skin.

Unusual Noises

Water heaters that pop, rumble, or gurgle may have damaged components or a sediment-filled water tank. As your water heater continues to work despite these problems, more issues can develop and damage your plumbing or water fixtures. Our expert water heater repair technicians can diagnose a noisy water heater and help you choose whether to repair or replace it.

Water Heater Leaks

A leaking water tank may cause pooling water, which can soak into your floor. In some cases, water leaks may weaken the structural integrity of your home, including your foundation. If you notice water leaking from your water heater, call our professional plumbing technicians for immediate repair.

What To Do if You Have a Water Heater Leak

First, turn off the valve that sends water to your water heater. The leak won’t continue or worsen with no water coming from the main.

Next, address any standing water. Use towels to soak up the water, and make sure you remove it all so that it doesn’t soak into your flooring. 

Finally, call for repairs. Our professional plumbers with World Class Services can help you any time, day or night.

Types of Water Heater Repair

The process of repairing your water heater differs depending on what type you have: electric, gas, and tankless. The plumbing professionals here at World Class Services have experience installing, repairing, and replacing each type.

Emergency Electric Water Heater Repair in Westerville, OH 

If you’re not dealing with a leak, but your electric water heater doesn’t work correctly, we can help. Before calling for electric water heater repair, check to see if a circuit breaker has tripped. If it has, you can reset it and see if that fixes your water heater problems.

Emergency Gas Water Heater Repair in Westerville, OH

When your gas water heater starts acting up, first check to ensure that you have a functioning pilot light. Other common problems with gas water heaters include a broken dip tube, gas line problems, or a defective gas valve. If you need emergency gas water heater repair, contact our experts at World Class Services.

Emergency Tankless Water Heater Repair in Westerville, OH

Tankless water heaters using gas or electricity. Our professional plumbers have experience repairing tankless water heaters regardless of the type. Gas tankless water heaters that don’t produce enough hot water may have a clogged burner, while electric tankless water heaters may have a broken or malfunctioning heating element.

24/7 Emergency Water Heater Repair Services in Westerville, OH

When you need electric, gas, or tankless water heater repair in Westerville, OH, the professionals at World Class Services can help. Call us at 614-739-8670 for immediate help with your water heater problems. If you want or need to upgrade your water heater, learn more about our water heater services.