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Ductwork is an essential part of HVAC systems. In fact, your ducts are so important that if they wear down or collect a bit of dust, you can lose your heating and cooling entirely. 

World Class Services is here to help the second your ducts fail with the best ductwork repair and replacement services in Westerville, OH. Our HVAC technicians are always ready to fix your worn-down ducts or replace damaged ductwork past the point of repair. 

The Responsibilities of Your Home’s Ductwork

When your heating and air conditioning create temperature-controlled air, they send it through the ducts. Eventually, it reaches your home through the vents. However, if there’s an issue hidden within that link, the air won’t have a reliable bridge to the vents and won’t impact your home’s temperature. 

Common Ductwork Issues

Ductwork has a tough job that leads to severe wear and tear. Unfortunately, if you don’t call HVAC technicians yearly to maintain your ducts, they will develop two common, detrimental issues; air leaks and debris build-up.

  • Leaks from regular use: The more you use your HVAC system, the more strain you put on the ductwork. Unfortunately, enough of that wear and tear will cause the bonds between each HVAC duct to separate,allowing air to leak out the sides. Air that leaks out before reaching your vents won’t make a difference in your home’s temperature, so it’s vital to keep your ductwork tightly sealed.
  • Leaks from poor installation: Ductwork can be doomed to air leaks before you even turn your HVAC system on if it’s poorly installed. The AC installation professionals in Westerville, OH, at World Class Services will reseal your badly-built ductwork quickly and at a competitive rate.
  • Dust and debris build-up: When enough debris collects within your ductwork, it creates a blockade that traps air in the ducts and keeps it from your vents. Not only that, but the air that passes the blockade will collect some of the allergens along the way and disperse them through your vents, lowering your indoor air quality.

Telltale Signs of Poorly Built or Damaged Ductwork

These issues may seem daunting, but careful inspection can alert you to them before they grow. Here are are three critical ways to tell when your ductwork is failing and needs ductwork repair and replacement services in Westerville, OH.


Most well-built ductwork lasts through 10 years of regular use before issues arise. Some can last 15 years if you take proper care of them. After that threshold, ducts will loosen, crack, and lose their ability to transport air from your HVAC to your vents.

Temperature Inconsistencies

The good news about HVAC duct leaks is that they’re easy to identify, even by accident. For example, if you’re walking near your ducts and feel a warm or cold breeze that doesn’t match your home’s internal temperature, it’s likely because the air is escaping before reaching the vents.

High Energy Bills

Ductwork leaks and blockages cause utility bills to skyrocket. When enough dust collects in your ducts, your HVAC system has to work harder to force the air through the blockade. Similarly, when your ductwork lets air escape, your HVAC has to run for longer to account for that lost temperature.

If your energy bills are spiking, but you haven’t changed your HVAC settings, it’s likely because of a ductwork issue. Call in the professionals to diagnose and fix the problem.